[Chugalug] "A librarian's guide to boosting the maker movement"

Phil Shapiro pshapiro at his.com
Wed Aug 28 08:57:36 UTC 2013

In case this might be of interest. 

"A librarian's guide to boosting the maker movement" http://tinyurl.com/odzkzbx by @ philshapiro 

Does anyone happen to know if there's anyone at the Chattanooga Public Library 
interested in the maker movement? It's a long shot, but maybe... (heh) 

Check out how I worked in a mention of LUG email lists into this blog post. 
I'm pretty much equating the maker movement with the open source software/hardware movement -- 
which in truth it is. 


Kindly share the above link with any school librarians you know. If you don't know 
the librarian at your kid's school, please introduce yourself to them. Librarian's are the CPU's 
of the human infosphere. It pays to know and be friends with librarians. 

Phil Shapiro, pshapiro at his.com 

"Wisdom begins with wonder." - Socrates 
"Learning happens thru gentleness." 

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