[Chugalug] Client burned by previous hosting provider

William Roush william.roush at roushtech.net
Mon Aug 26 22:35:52 UTC 2013

My only issue is that they didn't really seem to trust David either, 
like he'll be able to set it up, but when he's done he'll have to hand 
it over... but there is no one there qualified to hand it over to.

But yeah understand and agree with the want for local 
consultants/control/etc. it was just the context made me a bit weary 
without seeing the whole issue,  but according to David it sounds 
completely understandable.

William Roush

On 8/26/2013 6:27 PM, Dave Brockman wrote:
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> On 8/26/2013 5:43 PM, William Roush wrote:
>> I'd imagine the only way they'd determine those kinds of issues
>> existed in the first place would be if they had someone technical
>> on their team in that understands those kinds of issues, which
>> according to David they don't...
> The consultant before David?  If I gave the impression the client
> discovered any of the Swiss Cheese, I apologize, the consultant (me)
> found all the holes.
>> I'm just kind of weary of a customer that has been "burned" but
>> doesn't really understand the ways they can be burned (such as the
>> reasons you've pointed out).
> Well, this is a difficult and complicated discussion.  I can't fault
> anyone who wants to own their hardware, I can't fault anyone who
> trusts a local consultant more than a web front (for managing their
> equipment).  There are at least 3 sides to this and every story....
> Regards,
> dtb
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