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Anger + Ignorance makes for a bad combination in most respects. I run into that kind of mentality with some family members. There's not really much you can do other than build a relationship with them, build the trust and confidence over time to help them to understand. Time works in your favor in letting the wounds heal over and let the memory fade a bit as you sell them the services they are comfortable with. My family member can very hateful against certain ideals, but with the trust relationship (AD pun not intended) we've built he at least now considers the things I say before refuting them. Though occasionally I do get through and he listens more and more.


On Aug 26, 2013, at 3:02 PM, David White wrote:

> How can a potential new client be so burned by a web hosting company in the past that they absolutely refuse to let anyone manage a VPS or other type of server for them, and they insist on purchasing their own hardware or unmanaged VPS, even though they don't have anyone technical on their team, much less anyone who knows anything about server administration?
> This contract I'm working on will mean more money for me in the long run (more expensive for them because of setup costs, an on-going maintenance contract, and 24/7 monitoring fees), but good grief - I've tried everything I know how to steer them away from this option because they simply don't have the expertise.
> I feel bad for the client, but I'm pretty furious that they feel so jaded by their previous hosting provider that they've lost all trust for all hosting providers.
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