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I'd go with a Nexus 7 or 10, but really any tablet running ICS or above has Disk Encryption available to it. 

For security: 
1) enable Full Disk Encryption (uses the dm-crypt layer in the Linux kernel) 
2) enable a lockscreen lock (pattern or pin) 

**If the attacker can get to the device while its booted and unlocked its possible to defeat / disable the lockscreen 
***I don't think its possible to defeat the encryption without 1) knowing the password *or* 1) unlocking the device (which triggers a full disk wipe anyways) 2) installing a custom recovery designed to defeat the encryption (eg Frost) 

For drop protection: 
1) You'll have to find a "Life-Proof" case I don't know of a specific example but they exist for all other Android devices so I'd assume they are available for the N7/10's also. 

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I have a customer that wants to use android tablets in their business for the customers to use. Some of the requirements are that It must be secure if stolen then it will brick without any chance of recovery unless returned. It must be durable i.e drop resistant and liquid resistant. In other words military spec type or close enough. I have looked and cannot find anything that fits what I need. 


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