[Chugalug] More on Bitcoin:

John Aldrich jmaldrich at yahoo.com
Thu Aug 22 19:55:20 UTC 2013

Quoting Lynn Dixon <boodaddy at gmail.com>:

> Stephen,
> I have no clue why you still insist everyone uses the dollar. Surely a
> grocer in Spain doesnt accept dollars.  Maybe the ones you deal with trade
> in dollars. When working on a global level, its a pain in the ass to have
> to deal with trading your dollars to euros, or yen, or anything else.  With
> bitcoin, I don't have to worry with exchange rates changing due to the
> whims of the local governments.
> There are also alot of coffee shops, and retailers in the US that are
> beginning to accept Bitcoin, and they do it by scanning a barcode, or using
> NFC.
I believe there's one coffee shop in downtown Chattanooga, right next  
to Coolidge Park that accepts Bitcoins. :D

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