[Chugalug] OT Funny IT Stories

Mike Harrison cluon at geeklabs.com
Wed Aug 21 16:02:54 UTC 2013

On Wed, 21 Aug 2013, Eric Wolf wrote:
> In the primordial days of COL, before John came on board to put a more professional face on customer support, we had a customer
> who called in for help getting connected. I asked the customer to check their Winsock settings and the customer replied, "The
> computer is over at my house." After some inquiry and disbelief, I came to realize the customer was calling from he neighbor's
> house because he did not have a home phone. And yet, he wanted to connect to COL back in the day with Mosaic was the most
> common browser followed by Lynx.

The best one was in about 1994, still on the 4th floor of the Doctors 
Building... She paid for an account, and was trying to connect with a 
phone, expecting her TV to start showing her things.

We gave her her money back.

She had seen on TV somewhere a demo of "shopping at home" with a touch 
tone phone and thought this was it. She'd dial, and punch her assigned 
password in on the phone keypad. She did not have a computer.

If we were brighter, and not having fun checking our email with POP 
commands.. we would have built "amazon.com" because the internet
has become that system (and much more).

Runner up:

I did a service call to a lady that was trying to fax things by holding 
paper up to the monitor like her son had shown her. The missing step was 
the PaperPort scanner was at the top of the keyboard, bottom of the 
monitor and the kid had used the static cling of the monitor to hold 
paper to feed into the rollers of the PaperPort. She was adamant that she 
had sent faxes before by holding them up to the monitor. It worked great
once the paper was fed in.

Next Runner Up: BOFH/Chris:

Customer with a problem with email BOFH was helping with:
    "You are reading my email! Aren't you!"

BOFH:  "No sir, your email isn't as interesting as mine..."

and the list goes on and on.. a notable mention:

Jim aka Bama1 started with support calls about how to turn
his computer on... and ended up giving lessons on Linux.

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