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It may be OT but I think this is my favorite thread I've read on this group! 

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In the primordial days of COL, before John came on board to put a more professional face on customer support, we had a customer who called in for help getting connected. I asked the customer to check their Winsock settings and the customer replied, "The computer is over at my house." After some inquiry and disbelief, I came to realize the customer was calling from he neighbor's house because he did not have a home phone. And yet, he wanted to connect to COL back in the day with Mosaic was the most common browser followed by Lynx. 


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Back in the day when I was working tech support for a certain local ISP (now no longer in business) I was on the phone walking a customer through setting up her email. After it was all set up, I told her something along the lines of "now you can get on-line and download all your email." Her response was "You mean I need to be on-line to get my email???" 

I put the phone on hold and let out a shriek of anguish, then picked the call back up and nicely told the lady, "Yes, you'll have to be connected to the internet to get your email" at which time we exchanged pleasant goodbyes and hung up. 

At that point in my Tech Support career, I was walking customers through making a dial-up using Trumpet Winsock in Win311/95 while working in Linux myself. 

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