[Chugalug] Amazon EC2 woes

wes wes at the-wes.com
Wed Aug 21 07:55:45 UTC 2013

I use EC2 for all sorts of stuff, including hosting applications on

I'd really like to use the main domain for a future project and move the
> gitlab to a subdomain like git.jbirdvegas.org
> I've tried everything I can think... (admittedly it isn't much as this is
> my first time attempting to host a domain)
> on Route 57: I created a "Hosted Zone" for my git subdomain and attempted
> to edit the Record Sets to include "NS" (Name Server) and a "SOA" (Start of
> Authority) I've tried creating a "PTR" (Pointer) to just forward the
> traffic however nothing works.

you need an "A" or "CNAME" record to do what you're trying to do. if you
choose to use an A record, give the IP address of your EC2 instance. if you
choose CNAME, give the dns name (like ec2-1-2-3-4.compute-1.amazonaws.com.).

> So any pointers? Has anyone on this list had success creating a subdomain
> on an EC2 instance? I choose an EC2 instance for the obvious its free
> reason but I've seen others use subdomains on their EC2 so I know its
> possible.

my only other pointer at this stage is to point you toward the apache
documentation. you need to learn about name-based hosting and virtual host
configuration. hint: start with the usage of DocumentRoot. once you read
up, if you have any further specific questions, feel free to come back here
and someone will help you out.

> I realize lots of you guys are admins and are probably laughing at the
> neophile domain host right now but I'm simply lost and thought I would plea
> to those with more experience than I have... Thanks ahead of time guys.

we all started the same way - from scratch. you will naturally struggle
with this for a while and then reach a point where it's easy. hopefully at
that point you will turn around and help the next newbie.

> Oh and I can forward the domains I didn't associate with the EC2 instance
> just fine so jbirdvegas.net forwards correctly to jbirdvegas.org/gitlabsame for .com and .info.

I'm going to guess the forwarding works because you're using godaddy's
pre-built forwarding service. that's a lot easier to get working than
virtual hosting with apache on linux.

best of luck.

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