[Chugalug] Amazon EC2 woes

Jon Stanford jbirdvegas at aokp.co
Wed Aug 21 05:52:43 UTC 2013

Ok I'm attempting to setup a remote gitlab for myself... but I'm failing miserably with a few of the finer points of domain hosting... namely forwarding and subdomains.

I have the domains I want jbirdvegas.org/net/info/com (I'm mostly interested in the org, the others just forward to the org anyways) I only bought all four because they were super cheap durring a godaddy sale (Yea I'm not a fan of them either but cheap domains are cheap domaing are cheap domains).

I installed gitlab to an EC2 instance without issues and I managed to point jbirdvegas.org to the gitlab instance. All that is fine and dandy. Now if you visit my domain a silly banner pops up that the public should never see. I've been lazy about fixing this because its not a public site so noone visits it but me. However I'd like to share some code I've hosted there so now I'm wanting to make it forward propperly to the location of the actual start page jbirdvegas.org/gitlab... or better yet us a subdomain for my git ventures.

I'd really like to use the main domain for a future project and move the gitlab to a subdomain like git.jbirdvegas.org

I've tried everything I can think... (admittedly it isn't much as this is my first time attempting to host a domain)

on Route 57: I created a "Hosted Zone" for my git subdomain and attempted to edit the Record Sets to include "NS" (Name Server) and a "SOA" (Start of Authority) I've tried creating a "PTR" (Pointer) to just forward the traffic however nothing works.

I'm sure I'm doing something stupid and its probably an easy fix but I just don't get it... I've read all the docs I can find on creating subdomains on EC2 instances but ... I'm failing.

So any pointers? Has anyone on this list had success creating a subdomain on an EC2 instance? I choose an EC2 instance for the obvious its free reason but I've seen others use subdomains on their EC2 so I know its possible.

I realize lots of you guys are admins and are probably laughing at the neophile domain host right now but I'm simply lost and thought I would plea to those with more experience than I have... Thanks ahead of time guys.

Oh and I can forward the domains I didn't associate with the EC2 instance just fine so jbirdvegas.net forwards correctly to jbirdvegas.org/gitlab same for .com and .info.

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