[Chugalug] SAMBA-Lite?

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Tue Aug 20 20:20:05 UTC 2013

Trumpet was a popular stack, especially for doing slip/ppp. MS eventually
came out with their own, add-on stack. Actually there were two versions as
recall, A&B. A sucked eggs hard and was unusable. B worked ok, but it was
really nothing more than the BSD IP stack reworked slightly and recompiled
to run under Windows.

When I was working in the hospital, I had to prove to an equipment vendor
(and the CIO) that yes, we could run IP over token ring, even on that
vendor's gear which was nothing more than a Win311 box with an dedicated
I/O acquisition card to read things like EKG leads and send the readings to
a central server. I also had to explain to the same vendor that no, you
can't set a token ring card to 4Mbps, then try to join a 16Mbps ring and
expect good things to happen. That was mid to late 90's.

On Tue, Aug 20, 2013 at 4:04 PM, Ed King <chevyiinova at bellsouth.net> wrote:

> oh yes I remember those days...   at the aformentioned "Netware Admin" job
> I had in late 90's.   Nothing but IPX flowing on Win 3.11 clients to the
> Novell 3.x server when I first started working there.   Along came Win95,
> Novel 4.x, and C-level folks wanting to surf the internet without having to
> connect via local modem.   Our "router" box was Win NT and ISDN modem,
> running a cheesy system called "Wingate" which only allowed 5 users with
> our level of license.  Once I got familiar enough with Linux I secretly
> replaced that box with a squid/proxy box on weekend.  It didn't take long
> before the C-level folks were at my desk asking "hey, I noticed that I
> could surf the web at the same time Beavis was on the web... did we upgrade
> our Wingate license???".    To bring the Win3.11 clients (yes, we still had
> lots of them, even in the late 90's) to the party we installed that 3rd
> party tcp/ip stack.
> nostalgia...   it ain't what it used to be...
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> > I guess I must have missed where Mike said the Linux/smb server was in
> the same network as the Windows client...
> It's on different IP ranges, all internal but behind the same firewall.
> SMB works well over TCPIP if the ports are allowed/routed and it's fast
> network. I have a feeling all these systems are virtual, and may actually
> be on the same hardware or nearby hardware.
> What upsets me about some of the things we do with technology is
> knowing how they "stick" and get built upon, when they really were not
> meant for what they do. Remember when TCPIP wasn't even an option in
> Microsoft land and we had to install 3rd party network shims to get it to
> play nice with the *nixes and Macs?
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