[Chugalug] SAMBA-Lite?

Ed King chevyiinova at bellsouth.net
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oh yes I remember those days...   at the aformentioned "Netware Admin" job I had in late 90's.   Nothing but IPX flowing on Win 3.11 clients to the Novell 3.x server when I first started working there.   Along came Win95, Novel 4.x, and C-level folks wanting to surf the internet without having to connect via local modem.   Our "router" box was Win NT and ISDN modem, running a cheesy system called "Wingate" which only allowed 5 users with our level of license.  Once I got familiar enough with Linux I secretly replaced that box with a squid/proxy box on weekend.  It didn't take long before the C-level folks were at my desk asking "hey, I noticed that I could surf the web at the same time Beavis was on the web... did we upgrade our Wingate license???".    To bring the Win3.11 clients (yes, we still had lots of them, even in the late 90's) to the party we installed that 3rd party tcp/ip stack.

nostalgia...   it ain't what it used to be...

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> I guess I must have missed where Mike said the Linux/smb server was in the same network as the Windows client...

It's on different IP ranges, all internal but behind the same firewall. SMB works well over TCPIP if the ports are allowed/routed and it's fast network. I have a feeling all these systems are virtual, and may actually be on the same hardware or nearby hardware.

What upsets me about some of the things we do with technology is
knowing how they "stick" and get built upon, when they really were not meant for what they do. Remember when TCPIP wasn't even an option in Microsoft land and we had to install 3rd party network shims to get it to play nice with the *nixes and Macs?

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