[Chugalug] Telecommuting (was: Nashville vs. Atlanta)

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Tue Aug 20 16:55:36 UTC 2013

While this is all true, sometimes working remotely can just pure suck for
some people.
I spent almost a year working from home while I was on the Support Center
here at Mohawk.  It was awesome for the first few months, but then I missed
not going out and having lunch with my colleagues, and socializing on a
more personal level with them.  I missed the "water cooler" breaks where we
discussed thnigs with each other.  The video conferencing just seem to
sterile for me, making it impossible to see the subtle cues of body

Also, I soon began to get cabin fever, after spending all day at home,
working.  My home soon began to feel like an office instead of my personal
get-away from work.

While I do enjoy my 1 day a  week work from home that I have now, I
honestly enjoy coming in to the office (even if its over an hour drive
one-way) to form the social bonds with my team mates.

Again, this is just the way I feel, and I realize that there are plenty of
folks whom probably feel the inverse.

On Tue, Aug 20, 2013 at 11:48 AM, Mike Robinson
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> I have "worked remotely" virtually my entire career.  It's nonsensical to
> think that "it just can't work," especially in any business relating to the
> development and/or maintenance of computer software.
> To do the work, you don't have to be "where the computer is."  In fact,
> you are NOT "where the computer is."  All that you need is to be part of a
> well-organized and cohesive team.  There are many, many excellent ways by
> which a distributed team can be organized and run with great efficiency.
>  (Up to and including gathering everyone in a virtual "room" where everyone
> can look at everyone else.)  The only thing that's missing is:  miles of
> commuting, pricey class-A office space in a glass-walled building, and
> rented cubicles.  And you very simply do not need any of those things to do
> this work.
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