[Chugalug] Can 50 closed Chicago schools become 50 makerspaces?

Mike Harrison cluon at geeklabs.com
Tue Aug 20 12:58:23 UTC 2013

https://jps.utiliflex.com/jps/index.juice?mode=cogs#systemusers>   Here's 
a blog post I wrote for MAKE magazine this morning.
> Can 50 closed Chicago schools become 50 makerspaces?
> http://tinyurl.com/k5yuyhu

The sad irony is how schools closed vo-tech/shop education for reasons
ranging from funding and liability concerns to having teachers capable of 
doing those things.

Side note: I needed to stick some metal together for an impromptu monitor 
stand for Nancy last night, you hold a monitor floating above her desk at 
a 90 degree rotation. Do not weld, even a quick spot weld... wearing only 
shorts and no shoes. Ouch! And the people that really know me are 
impressed I was wearing shorts..

What we need is a serious vocational/tool-using/engineering/physics track 
in schools. The amazing trend I see is people like Tim and Jason in 
Chattanooga, Dan in California and many other people making and taking 
time to fill those gaps.

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