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Sounds like a good time I'm in! I checked the link but I didn't see who is speaking at the event? I'm a fanatical open source advocate / contributor and I'd like to participate if possible... Though I'm sure they have everything already setup by now.

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On Mon, 19 Aug 2013, David White wrote:

> What's on the 28th?
> I'm headed to a day-long conference that day (Aug 28th) at UTC for area
> nonprofits (not necessarily tech related, but we're setting up an exhibit /
> booth there, and will be going to some of the sessions)


Event Details
Nate Hill, Assistant Director of the Chattanooga Public Library and 
Corinne Hill, Executive Director of the Chattanooga Public Library, will 
tell the story of the 4th Floor.  The idea behind the reality.  Audience 
participation may be a part of your CTC Luncheon!!!
Chattanooga Public Library
Broad Street
Chattanooga, TN

Overdesigned and not very searchable linkable.

September 18th is about Open Source: Open Source Development is one of 
Chattanooga’s fastest growing skill sets.  Partly because Chattanooga is 
becoming a hot bed for start-up companies who can take advantage of these 
free programming languages, but larger companies are seeing the benefit 
too.  The audience will be introduced to Open Source developers in the 
Chattanooga area. The developers will discuss how they use Open Source 
technologies, why they use Open Source. If your company is using Open 
Source technologies we invite you to come and meet these developers in 

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