[Chugalug] Pi or 'Duino?

Ed King chevyiinova at bellsouth.net
Mon Aug 19 12:51:43 UTC 2013

why is it that 90 percent of my personal projects seem to "stall" because something more important comes up

I was making "some" progress on my r-pi disco ceiling project...   found a console-based mp3 player that had ascii-character spectrum analyzer output, I thought, "because this is console mode app, it should run faster/smoother than an Xwinderz app"   Wrong!   It brings my not-overclocked pi to its knees.  


I was in the process of studying the code to see if I could take only what I needed (I don't need no stinkin spectrum display, but I do need to know when certain frequencies are "hit" so I can light up the corresponding colored light), and then my mutha-in-law got me sucked into another project..   fix the gauges in her 2003 silverado...


so I guess I'll have to keep my polyester dance suit in the closet a little while longer

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woohoo!  got my relay board, breadboard and led pack today...   one day after ordering them from amazon (prime).   

its as if the polyester bellbottom dance suit gods are smiling down on me, egging me on

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> How hard is it to get a wifi interface on the Arduino?

Hardest part was remembering my wifi password :-)

I don't know jack about Arduino so I'm biased.  I ordered a 4 channel sainsmart relay board this morning, for my Pi-based disco-ceiling project, but first I will build it with leds.    
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