[Chugalug] #SocialPour Next Week repurposed for displaced employees

David White dwrudy at gmail.com
Sat Aug 17 02:34:31 UTC 2013

The Chattanooga Social Media Club's
#SocialPour<https://www.facebook.com/hashtag/socialpour> that
was scheduled for next week has been turned into a Tech / Design /
Marketing Mixer for Employers and those displaced by the recent layoffs. If
you don't fit the category, you're still welcome to come as well, as a
networker. It's a free event. Spread the word: http://

I plan on going (I was on the fence before, but will make an extra effort
to go next week)

- David

David White
Founder & CEO
Computing, Equipping, Networking, Training & Supporting
Nonprofit Organizations Worldwide
http://developCENTS.com <http://developcents.com/>
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