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Sat Aug 17 02:30:43 UTC 2013

Hello Jon, I did a few years of professional C before I ventured into C++.
First of, C is not C++, and vice versa.
You can write 'C like stuff' in C++, but you will have an steeper slope to 
climb into C++ if you learn C first.  And vice versa... 

The problem is that the differences are subtle and sneaky, and you will 
shoot yourself in the foot meandering around them.
It is a lot more difficult to shoot yourself in the foot with C++ than in C, 
but when you, you blow the whole leg... 

I'd advise against going the C route because there is no C  market out 
there.  Unless you are writing kernel stuff, device driver or embedded 
programs.  And you will invalidate the 'advantage' of knowing OO. 

Sometime ago I offered free C++ classes in the library and only one victim 
bit into it, and he has been suffering ever since.  The guy is, as you might 
say, a glutton for punishment.  He may or may not come forward to you, but 
he certainly started at a much lower level than you would and he has 
(AMAZINGLY!) actually learnt something.  And he reads this list...   ;-) 

With all that baloney said, I'd gladly trade you some C++ classes for 
Android development classes.  I'll even throw in there some hours of (valid 
FAA training) flight instruction.
Any interest?

PS: And I am a better teacher than a programmer.  So goes for flying too.  I 
am a better instructor than a pilot... 



Jon Stanford writes: 

> I've been using Java for 3-4 years now so I've got a pretty advanced understanding of OOP in general.  I wouldn't call myself an expert but I'm fairly good with Java, to the point where I'm thinking of getting certified by Oracle.  My usage of Java has been mostly in the context of Android. The reason I'll wanting to learn both C and C++ is so I can use the NDK. 
> Just trying to have a fuller understanding of Android. Maybe I'll have another reason for the languages but for now my usage is pretty narrow.
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