[Chugalug] Love my Pebble wrist watch

Lynn Dixon boodaddy at gmail.com
Fri Aug 16 16:58:27 UTC 2013

So, I had been following their Kickstarter
while back, and been loosely following their development.

I chose not to buy into their kickstarter for various reasons, and I am
kinda kicking myself for not jumping in sooner.

Well, fast forward to now.  You can pick up a Pebble at BestBuy for $150.
 The Chattanooga stores were out of the black color, so my wife was awesome
enough to pick one up at the Turkey Creek store yesterday.

I love this thing.  I have been looking for a good watch for a while now,
and have found that most watches fell between super expensive, and super
cheap, with no good "middle ground" that offered the features I wanted for
a price I was willing to pay.

Since I primarily wanted a good watch for tracking my flights and flight
plans (I am a student pilot) "Pilot Watches" were my first choice, but
found them to be gimmicky, and expensive.

This Pebble with it being open-source and easy to develop for has a TON of
awesome features that will appeal to pilots and everyone else.  They are
well made, super lightweight and feel good on the wrist.  The display is an
E-ink type, and looks great in full bright sunlight, and has a really
smooth looking backlight for night ops. I just have to shake my wrist to
get the backlight on, which is awesome if you are  flying.  There are also
a whole slew of awesome apps and watch faces that are made by pilots.
Bearing+Distance has been developing their Android app to take advantage of
the Pebble ( http://bearingdistance.com/1-8-7/ )

If you haven't had a chance to check one out, I recommend you take a look:
www.getpebble.com  they are excellent watches!
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