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Jon Stanford jbirdvegas at aokp.co
Thu Aug 15 21:22:33 UTC 2013

And if everyone bought Cisco products then every company that competed with Cisco would have to layoff employees or close shop all together.  Then you have a profit minded company with a monopoly... That's not good for anyone.

Disclaimer: I'm not for Cisco cutting jobs but I don't think a blanket its everyone who buys competitions products is to blame sounds more like greed and share holder pleasing to me.

Dave Brockman <dave at brockmans.com> wrote:

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>On 8/15/2013 1:54 PM, John Aldrich wrote:
>> http://news.yahoo.com/cisco-cutting-4-000-jobs-ceo-sees-slow-001225933.html
>>  Headline: "Cisco cutting 4,000 jobs, CEO sees slow progress"
>> Cisco is cutting 5% of it's global workforce in an attempt to cut
>> costs.
>> So those of you who are buying something OTHER than Cisco gear are 
>> helping to cause Cisco employees to lose their jobs. ;)
>If it's primarily sales force staff like the last layoff, I don't
>really think it has anything to do with competition, just margins.
>You forgot to mention that profits are up and they are still cutting.
> However, Cisco is one of the few places that has something like a
>2-4% attrition per year, including all the acquisitions.  (ie. the
>slackers at the bottom never bother to leave, so forced house-cleaning
>is necessary).
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