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Dustin Salter dlsalter at gmail.com
Thu Aug 15 15:30:39 UTC 2013

I work in Atlanta, I do the commute between Ringgold and Atlanta for 3
years now.  If I'm going to spend an hour and half in traffic, I would
rather do it moving instead of staying still. That is when I drive in.

Living in Georgia, state income tax does not bother me too much, I've had
it for at least 8 years now.  There are plenty of back roads, going north,
to keep you off 285 and out of serious traffic, but you keep moving and
usually faster than dealing with the "ghost" stalls.

So I don't necessarily get hit with the high cost of living but I do have
increased fuel usage/cost, though to me, it's not bad. I run into some of
the issues with others mentioned that Chattanooga does not pay nearly as
well as Nashville or Atlanta for the same or even tiers under (Jr. Network
Engineer in Atlanta may make the same or more as the Network Engineer in
Chattanooga, sometimes the Sr. Network Engineer).  Just seems to be the
Chattanooga mentality.

There are also possibilities of car pooling to a Marta Station then
everyone take their individual routes to work if that interests you. Or as
in most companies are realizing they get good performance out of people
telecommuting part time or full time.

Just my 0.02.

On Tue, Aug 13, 2013 at 9:09 PM, Jon Stanford <jbirdvegas at aokp.co> wrote:

> I've being offered positions in both Nashville and Atlanta.  Nashville
> with Asurion mobile insurance company. They have a great training, so I
> could use this position as a springboard into other career opportunities.
> In Atlanta id be working with a Google partner to develop the next
> generation smart TVs. I'm still waiting to get the offers in writing but
> assuming they are comparable in pay I'm not sure where I would rather take
> my family.
> I wonder yalls thoughts on the two areas as both technology centers and
> good for raising a family. Im also got the startup here but I have to think
> about my family and the possible of a career. Either would be great career
> opportunities. I'm just wondering about the areas.
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