[Chugalug] Another Cisco Question

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Tue Aug 13 23:45:53 UTC 2013

 Cisco is how we measure access switches.  Whether you want to admit it or
not, if you do any comparison, C is always the white elephant in that
discussion.  Routers is almost the same, but they have lost some ground in
that realm.  Not a large amount, but some.  Nexus 7K looks awesome.  Nexus
5K was another purchase and from what I hear, it will be another couple of
years before it's really "baked in", and then the in-fighting between BU
will  begin in that line as well :)

Part of the grumbling I hear is from folks who replaced their 6500's with
Nexi without really understanding what Nexus was about. They're basically
really big and really fast switches. They're not as fully featured as a
proper multi-layer switch, and since folks were using their 6500's to do
*everything*, this brought about some disappointment. For the folks who've
done their layer 2 deployments 'right' (within the context of the
Enterprise, and considering the amount of virtualization going on), the
Nexus line is pretty badass, from those folks what I hear grumbling about is
the price tag.

I'll be very interested to see what Brocade and Arista do to the enterprise
switching arena in the next few years, and what effect Openflow has on the
landscape. With all the various layer 2 enhancements floating around, and
with the regression to large layer 2 domains, I have a feeling we're going
to return to the bad old days of vendors trying to fight for their
implementation rather than everyone playing nice and consolidating around a

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