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Dave Brockman dave at brockmans.com
Tue Aug 13 23:36:32 UTC 2013

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On 8/13/2013 7:23 PM, lists at cluebat.net wrote:
> I am decidedly not a fan of Cisco security products. Cisco doesn't 
> know how to do security properly. I hated PIX's, and I'm not a fan
> of the ASA's either. Likewise, I think Cisco is a crappy wireless 
> company, as well as their miscellaneous services (load balancing,
> web caching, etc).

PIX were unique when NTI owned them.  Cisco did improve them, but the
replacement (ASA) was a disappointment, as was the feature set after
migrating from Finesse to ASAOS.  They bought a significant advantage
in the firewall market, but have not innovated in this space.

> They kick some serious ass in the route switch realm though. I'm 
> still a big fan of Cisco access switches, and the ASR line of
> routers are rock solid (no experience with Nexus products, though
> I've heard some grumblings).

Cisco is how we measure access switches.  Whether you want to admit it
or not, if you do any comparison, C is always the white elephant in
that discussion.  Routers is almost the same, but they have lost some
ground in that realm.  Not a large amount, but some.  Nexus 7K looks
awesome.  Nexus 5K was another purchase and from what I hear, it will
be another couple of years before it's really "baked in", and then the
in-fighting between BU will begin in that line as well :)

> One of the best reasons, IMHO, to buy Cisco is not the quality of
> the hardware though. Cisco was the first big player in the game,
> and they did their marketing to technical professionals well. The
> Cisco certification programs have been so successful that their
> gear is the easiest when it comes to finding trained and
> experienced talent. Given that payroll is a large part of most
> company's overhead, that's not an inconsiderable point. There is a
> reason why a lot of network vendors try to make their NOS as close
> to IOS as they possibly can without infringing.

This.  When you get into more complicated configurations, it's usually
much easier to find assistance (whether that be online how-to, paid
support, pinging the local LUG) for Cisco kit than pick any other
brand of poison.


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