[Chugalug] looking for router reccomendations, gigabit & PoE

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Tue Aug 13 23:33:19 UTC 2013

I've dealt with Untangle. We had a 'PCI Compliance vendor' that was really
in the business of selling Untangle boxes. 

However, I stopped taking Untangle seriously when security flaws started
being disclosed, and one day, we found that one of our customers who bought
the PCI Compliance Untangle box had managed to get it rooted. 

While I'm fairly sure that the Untangle folks have probably addressed the
security concerns, I have trust issues, and would be very hard pressed to
actually put one in production unless under direct orders to do so.

I've gotten to the point where, when it comes to software firewalls, the
only thing I'll really trust is an OpenBSD box with customized pf firewalls,
simply because OpenBSD has the track record of not being terribly remote

That being said, I have no problem with pfSense, and would consider it for
production deployment if a proper hardware firewall wasn't in the budget.

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On Tue, 13 Aug 2013, Aaron welch wrote:
> Still not sure why someone would need a gig firewall that is not a 
> business.  If you do need it, then build a pfsense box and an older Cisco
29xx or 35xx POE switch.

Because this is the "Gig City", and you can get a Gig, you need a firewall
that can support it.

We need more people in town with Gig connections so we can do Gig Immersive
Realtime Lucid Synchronous Bidirectional Orgasmic Teledildonic Sessions
aka: GIRLSBOYS  - Especially if we can control Ed's disco lights at the same

On topic: A person I respect was ranting about Untangle
https://www.untangle.com  the other day, I need to give it a try.

Almost On topic: Gnunet.org would be the killer thing to do with a lot of
Gig bi-direction home/business connections.

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