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I am decidedly not a fan of Cisco security products. Cisco doesn't know how to do security properly. I hated PIX's, and I'm not a fan of the ASA's either. Likewise, I think Cisco is a crappy wireless company, as well as their miscellaneous services (load balancing, web caching, etc). 

They kick some serious ass in the route switch realm though. I'm still a big fan of Cisco access switches, and the ASR line of routers are rock solid (no experience with Nexus products, though I've heard some grumblings). 

But yes, you most certainly pay for the name markup, just like you do with Apple, just like you do with Sony.

One of the best reasons, IMHO, to buy Cisco is not the quality of the hardware though. Cisco was the first big player in the game, and they did their marketing to technical professionals well. The Cisco certification programs have been so successful that their gear is the easiest when it comes to finding trained and experienced talent. Given that payroll is a large part of most company's overhead, that's not an inconsiderable point. There is a reason why a lot of network vendors try to make their NOS as close to IOS as they possibly can without infringing.

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Quoting Bret McHone <dbmchone at gmail.com>:

> I honestly believe that Cisco is good stuff and their gear flat out   
> works… The company just doesn't work with us very well and the gear   
> seems to be a bit overcomplicated to me. We tried to buy 50+ 48-port  
>  PoE+ switches and they were still about 30-40% MORE than the next   
> competitor even after pitching the 2960S instead of the 3750X. Also,  
>  when we evaluated their wireless gear a few years back it actually   
> took the "Cisco Engineers" (the "partner" cisco sent to us to work   
> with) 3 days just to make 5 APs work for our test area. I wasn't   
> impressed.
I never said their gear was no good, just that you were probably paying mostly for the name "Cisco" on the front of the gear. Your experience would seem to back that up. I mean, for the longest time, Cisco was THE name in networking, especially firewalls and such. These days a metric crap-ton of companies are getting into the firewall business and if you've got a spare PC, you can have a "free" firewall using one of the firewall-specific Linux products.

Again, my point is that Cisco's gear isn't crap, it's just overpriced.
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