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So I used to work for a web hosting company. Our network design was bad,
collapsed core, big pain in the ass to deal with at our scale.

So management finally approved budget to let us get some proper distribution
switches. We solicited prices from a few different vendors. When it came to
Cisco, they didn't try and jack us around for retail, but the number they
quoted us was 20% higher than what AT&T was willing to sell us Cisco gear
for. Even upon being informed of this, the Cisco rep would not come down on
his number. The account manager tried to do an end run around us and go
directly to the president of the company, which made us not very well
disposed towards him. His sales engineer had the grace to look embarrassed
about it.

We ended up going with Force10, and didn't regret it. They make good gear
(whether that continues in the wake of the Dell acquisition remains to be

The thing to keep in mind when dealing with Cisco reps is that they will
protect as much profit margin as they possibly can, even to the point of
dismissing common sense.

I like Cisco gear for most things, but I agree that they're a pain in the
ass to deal with when purchasing. Even TAC support quality has taken a
serious nose dive. We pay for High Touch Technical support and I've had to
explain several times to the TAC rep that A) I know what the problem is, I
need replacement hardware B) No, I'm really not going to take down
production links outside of the maintenance window just so you can do some
troubleshooting that I've already done and come to the same conclusion and
C) Would you please get the duty manager for me? (That's about the time they
get downright cooperative and want me off the phone as quickly as possible).
Their CMTS support is even more atrocious.

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I honestly believe that Cisco is good stuff and their gear flat out works.
The company just doesn't work with us very well and the gear seems to be a
bit overcomplicated to me. We tried to buy 50+ 48-port PoE+ switches and
they were still about 30-40% MORE than the next competitor even after
pitching the 2960S instead of the 3750X. Also, when we evaluated their
wireless gear a few years back it actually took the "Cisco Engineers" (the
"partner" cisco sent to us to work with) 3 days just to make 5 APs work for
our test area. I wasn't impressed.


On Aug 13, 2013, at 12:55 PM, John Aldrich wrote:

> Quoting Bret McHone <dbmchone at gmail.com>:
>> I'm just going to throw this out there. We use Aruba which is
traditionally controller based, but they also have Aruba Instant APs  which
work very well without a controller if your deployment is  limited. We are
actually going to be deploying some of them at a few  of our smaller remote
offices as soon as I can get out from under a  few of our other projects.
>> I'm honestly not familiar with the current Cisco wireless offerings,  but
I do know when we evaluated them and compared them to Aruba,  they couldn't
come close to the same price. I think Cisco was almost  2x the cost between
initial investment and licensing.. (We also  compared both aruba and cisco
to meru? but that was almost laughable)
>> I will throw a disclaimer out there that we have phased out most  Cisco
gear because of this. For some reason they just can't get  pricing anywhere
close to their competitors and the feature set  differences do not account
for the differences in cost...
> Yeah. It's always been my impression that much of what you were paying for
with Cisco gear was the label on the front that says "Cisco."
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