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On 8/13/2013 12:30 PM, David White wrote:
> I actually have a client that uses the Ubiquity APs. They work
> fine, but what I don't like about them is the Java-based controller
> that you have to use with them. I didn't set them up, but the
> person who did, didn't relay any information to me about them, so I
> basically had to go in and figure everything out (I didn't have any
> passwords, and in the course of "figuring things out" I managed to
> break the software by uninstalling what I thought was an old
> version of Java from the server).

Is this the UniFi controller software or the older stuff they had?

> Took me a while, but I know how they work now. Again, I like them
> - they're nice - but I just don't like that Java-based controller
> software!
> I did just find the WAP321, which looks like its cheaper for
> (almost) the same feature sets. Another option is Meraki - I sat in
> on a Meraki "Intro to Cloud Networking" webinar a couple weeks ago,
> and I know they have some good stuff.

Cisco bought Meraki btw...

> And yes, there's also Ubiquity, which I haven't ruled out yet.

Engenius and Ubiquity use the same hardware with different firmware.
Engenius units work well in stand-alone deployments, allow VLAN
separated ESSIDs and generally have better signal strength than
anything else you are likely to pick up locally.



> On Tue, Aug 13, 2013 at 12:11 PM, Dave Brockman
> <dave at brockmans.com <mailto:dave at brockmans.com>> wrote:
> On 8/13/2013 11:46 AM, David White wrote:
>> Does anyone have experience with the Aironet 1040 APs? Do you
>> love them or hate them? Would you recommend something else for
>> the same capabilities?
> I've used other Aironet APs, not the 1040 specifically.  I find
> them overpriced and underpowered for most of the needs of my
> clients. Right now, my AP of choise is an Engenius EAP600 Dual-Band
> units for standalone deployments.  Ubiquity uses the same hardware,
> but has a "software controller" you can use for multiple units.
> It's free and runs on XP+.
>> Reviewing the datasheet
> (http://www.cisco.com/en/US/prod/collateral/wireless/ps5678/ps11203/data_sheet_c78-609338.pdf),
> it seems that I won't need to get an additional controller and can
>> configure it as a stand-alone device - is this correct?
> AFAIK, all Cisco Aironet APs can operate in autonomous or
> controller mode.  The older units you have to change the firmware
> to switch between the two modes.
>> What if, down the road, I want to add a 2nd 1040 to the network? 
>> Would I need to get a controller at that point, or would I still
>> be able to configure the two devices to talk to each other?
> Define "talk to each other".  They are network devices, if your 
> network is configured correctly, they can talk all day long.  I 
> suspect your question isn't answered by me telling you they can
> talk CDP all day long to each other....
> If you want centralized management, the "self-healing" stuff, the 
> seamless roaming, you need a controller.
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