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Yeah, it'd really depend on what your trying to power, and how many devices.
If you're trying to power IP phones, I wouldn't tie the connectivity and PoE
functions to the router, let a switch handle the PoE functions. If you're
trying to power a wireless access point, I suppose that makes a little more
sense, but I'd still rather run those through a switch. Router ports tend to
be expensive, so I think wasting them for base connectivity is a bad

Then there's always the question of budget.

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On 8/9/2013 6:14 PM, Rod-Lists wrote:
> Looking for a good router that is gigabit ready and has PoE.

PoE is more of a switch function than a router, although you can buy PoE
switch modules for some routers.  You could also look at a Layer 3 switch
that provides PoE ports.  So.... on the new market, I suggest a Cisco 1941
w/ a EHWIC-4ESG-P module, which will also require a PSU upgrade from the
base model.  If you want used... I guess it depends on how many ports you
need, but a 6500 is readily available with plenty of cheap spare parts on
Ebay, etc.  Real design requirements get real answers, btw.



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