[Chugalug] Darling for Mac OS X Apps On Linux

John Aldrich jmaldrich at yahoo.com
Thu Aug 8 17:12:51 UTC 2013

Quoting Mike Harrison <cluon at geeklabs.com>:

>> As long as I can get to a (decent) command line I am good. Rarely   
>> do I find something I cannot employ via cl.
> Laughing.. Yes, I mostly use OS X like i use Linux, lots of terminal
> windows open to different servers, and a couple of web browsers.
> I have Bodhi running under Parallels and it looks enough like OS X i
> sometimes forget where I am. The biggest change for me is how I cut and
> paste in each OS. Synergy has me tied well to a dedicated dual-head
> linux system with monitors on top of two Thunderbolts that at my desk I
> have 2 TB's, and 2 Linux screens all running at once with one keyboard
> and monitor. I only run Linux virtually when not at my desk.
> The "FullScreen Mode" for Parallels works well and it's easy to forget
> I'm on a Mac at all for a while. On the other side (under OS X), I
> sometimes Ctrl-Alt-M on the Mac expecting a menu from Enlightenment..
> Habots are hard to break.
>> I'm a bit hesitant on my rMBP as it has been to Apple 3x and still   
>> crashes daily when switching TB displays.
> So far.. mine has been a rock. Never had it crash, and the swapping
> displays stuff works so well it is scary. I can go from running two
> TB's with the macbook closed, to all three (macbook open) to just
> macbook,
> to adding an Asus tablet under air-display, to plugging in to an HDMI TV
> with no problems and open applications resizing and repositioning well.
> Mine has 16gb of Ram.. Maybe that helps?
> I'm painfully having to use a Win7 system today to access a fubared
> Checkpoint VPN system so I can run Putty on a remote desktop to get to
> the Linux server... Win7 just seems to be missing so much "stuff".
Funny that this email thread came up and I was reading an interesting  
article on how much better Android/Google is than Apple/iOS. Here's a  
link to that article...  

Basic take-away: Google/Android is better than Apple because Apple is  
so proprietary and Google apps can run on Android, Windoze or Apple,  
not to mention Chromecast (according to the article) is better than  

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