[Chugalug] Darling for Mac OS X Apps On Linux

Mike Harrison cluon at geeklabs.com
Thu Aug 8 16:40:25 UTC 2013

> As long as I can get to a (decent) command line I am good. Rarely do I find something I cannot employ via cl.

Laughing.. Yes, I mostly use OS X like i use Linux, lots of terminal 
windows open to different servers, and a couple of web browsers.

I have Bodhi running under Parallels and it looks enough like OS X i 
sometimes forget where I am. The biggest change for me is how I cut and 
paste in each OS. Synergy has me tied well to a dedicated dual-head linux 
system with monitors on top of two Thunderbolts that at my desk I have 2 
TB's, and 2 Linux screens all running at once with one keyboard and 
monitor. I only run Linux virtually when not at my desk.
The "FullScreen Mode" for Parallels works well and it's easy to forget I'm 
on a Mac at all for a while. On the other side (under OS X), I sometimes 
Ctrl-Alt-M on the Mac expecting a menu from Enlightenment..
Habots are hard to break.

> I'm a bit hesitant on my rMBP as it has been to Apple 3x and still crashes daily when switching TB displays.

So far.. mine has been a rock. Never had it crash, and the swapping 
displays stuff works so well it is scary. I can go from running two TB's 
with the macbook closed, to all three (macbook open) to just macbook,
to adding an Asus tablet under air-display, to plugging in to an HDMI TV
with no problems and open applications resizing and repositioning well.
Mine has 16gb of Ram.. Maybe that helps?

I'm painfully having to use a Win7 system today to access a fubared 
Checkpoint VPN system so I can run Putty on a remote desktop to get to the 
Linux server... Win7 just seems to be missing so much "stuff".

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