[Chugalug] Darling for Mac OS X Apps On Linux

Mike Harrison cluon at geeklabs.com
Thu Aug 8 12:59:30 UTC 2013

On Wed, 7 Aug 2013, Phil Sieg wrote:
> I want to run certain iOS apps on OS X. Believe it or not some of the best stock market apps are iOS only. Nothing comparable on OS X/Windoze/NIX.

I'm running both iOS and Linux desktops currently. I find myself needing 
Linux/BSD/FOSS tools on iOS. No problem, they are either included, easy to 
install, compile, use MacPorts....This makes a Mac the best of both worlds 
for me, I can also run MS-Office, Pages and Numbers, LibreOffice, Gimp, 
Inkscape, VLC, Joe.. on my Mac. For what I use Linux systems for, I don't 
find myself needing/wanting anything from the OS X world on my Mac.

I have to admit, OS X's "Mail" program is growing on me for
business centric email uses.

And as Eric has previously stated, an rMBP has probably the best display 
management and compatibility I've ever seen.

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