[Chugalug] The Cats did it ...

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I like using a small-ish SSD to run my OS, and magnetic drives to store
data.  That way I get most of the speed benefits at a reasonable cost.

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> Doesn't surprise me that much. Like any new tech, it's the early adopters
> who pay the most, which is why I'm usually just content to use last gen
> tech
> until the current gen becomes last gen.  Right now, Solid State storage is
> where all the big bucks go, but soon enough, that will be within the realm
> of reasonable pricing.
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> Now this surprised me ... an ordinary nearby office supply store had a
> 1-Terabyte laptop-sized SATA drive ... a perfect fit in the enclosure ...
> for about $75.  Twenty minutes with a Phillips screwdriver was all it took
> to remove the "boat anchor" and replace it with a drive that is twice as
> big.
> When I consider how much I paid for the original unit a few years ago in
> Cupertino (yep, at "1 Infinite Loop," where I happened to have a gig at the
> time), I cringe.
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