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Doesn't surprise me that much. Like any new tech, it's the early adopters
who pay the most, which is why I'm usually just content to use last gen tech
until the current gen becomes last gen.  Right now, Solid State storage is
where all the big bucks go, but soon enough, that will be within the realm
of reasonable pricing.

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Now this surprised me ... an ordinary nearby office supply store had a
1-Terabyte laptop-sized SATA drive ... a perfect fit in the enclosure ...
for about $75.  Twenty minutes with a Phillips screwdriver was all it took
to remove the "boat anchor" and replace it with a drive that is twice as

When I consider how much I paid for the original unit a few years ago in
Cupertino (yep, at "1 Infinite Loop," where I happened to have a gig at the
time), I cringe.

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