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Ed King chevyiinova at bellsouth.net
Sat Aug 3 04:26:41 UTC 2013

what better way to welcome my new toy into a vintage computer enthusiast's home than to hook it up to an old amber monochrome monitor for its very first boot...


did some google'ing and found a page or two that talked about how to make the pi control a 5v relay to turn on/off 120v lights...   so my disco lighting project may actually, ahem, come to light 

what I have in mind is not merely a beat activated light show.   you old farts who have seen Saturday Night Fever...  remember the dance floor?   well my project is to flip that upside down and put various colored lights behind "transparent" (or frosted) drop ceiling tiles, and have the r-pi light a different colored light depending, not the "beat" of the music, but the frequency of the notes being played...   so I assume I would tap into the source code of an equalizer/visualizer, and program it so that when a bass note hits, the pi lights up, say, red lights.   when high notes hit, the pi lights up green lights.   so on and so forth.

of course I'm just talking outta my ass...   I got so many friggin projects that I could retired tomorrow and never get bored
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