[Chugalug] Well, the cats did it ...

Mike Robinson miker at sundialservices.com
Fri Aug 2 05:27:35 UTC 2013

One moment, I step away from my desk.  Two minutes later, everything that once was on my desk is now on the floor.

Fortunately, the MacBook Pro survived.

Unfortunately, the 500GB external (backup) drive did not.

My most-immediate concern, therefore, is to quickly and very-reliably find a source for a drive of comparable capacity that I can drop into the existing appears-to still-be-working hard drive enclosure.  (The drive is the usual small size, about 3x5" ...)  I know how to take it from there – format the new drive, designate it as a backup volume.  It was never anything -but- backups, so I did not actually lose anything irretrievable, but I cannot afford to run even one small day without backups.

Stateline Electronics?

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