[Chugalug] Saturday, June 22 - Meetup / Tech Talk / Swap Meet

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I'm also interested (attending, not presenting).  Count me in.




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I'd be interested. I could do a talk on something security or Python


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On Apr 26, 2013, at 2:46 PM, David White <dwrudy at gmail.com> wrote:

Hey folks,


There was a group of folks who talked for a number of months about
organizing a Chattanooga Technology Conference, but due to several reasons,
we have decided not to pursue that (this year). We will continue to talk and
plan about attempting this in future years.


In the mean time, however, I wanted to propose a Chugalug & Chattanooga IT
Community meetup for one of the days we were hoping to host the conference.


So, I hereby declare myself the President of Chugalug for a meetup on
Saturday, June 22 at the 4th Floor of the Library.


More details to follow, but I was thinking we could it make it a half-day
event, and include:

*	Swap Meet
*	Lightening Talks (two or three different "tracks" where people could
prepare a 20-30 minute presentation)

*	I'm putting together a workshop for a conference this summer on DNS,
so for example, I'll plan to do an abbreviated presentation on that topic

*	Networking & hanging out
*	Beer or lunch and/or dinner afterwards at some restaurant close
*	Any other bright ideas you guys might have

Let me know your thoughts, and let me know if you have a topic you'd like to


If I get enough people who are interested and want to go, I'll set it up as
an event on Meetup.com.


- David



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