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I was sad to have missed it, but had car maintenance to do all weekend.

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> On Mon, Apr 22, 2013 at 2:16 PM, Ed King <chevyiinova at bellsouth.net>wrote:
>> well, how was it?   :)
> It was less than hoped for, but still as advertised.  I went down with a
> friend of mine who is more into the vintage computing thing than myself (he
> buys old broken PETs, CoCos, etc, for cheap from eBay, rebuilds them, and
> sometimes sells them off at a profit - once they are working again he kind
> of loses interest, and he's active on several of the vintage web forums,
> but not this list, since he's a Microsoft kind of guy).
> The event was held in an old CompUSA building in a strip mall.  The front
> part of the office area was used for an Apple Pop-Up Museum (
> http://applepopupmuseum.com/ ), and admission to this was part of the
> admission to the VCF.  This was about eight or so rooms with different
> phases of Apple, from pre-Apple bios of Jobs, Woz, and Wayne (who left soon
> after founding), to an homage to the garage where Apple 1's were built in
> Los Altos, on through various incarnations of Apple products, with examples
> of just about everything, including a room dedicated to Next and one to
> iPods.  Many machines were functioning (although behind glass so hands
> off).  There was a Xerox Alto on display as well, and some of the Apple II
> clones (Pineapple, Franklin, etc.).  The Apple 1 was the highlight for me,
> but the shelves full of MacBooks was somewhat interesting too.
> Passing out of the Apple museum, we went into a large room where all of
> the VCFse proper exhibits were held.  There was a circle of tables in the
> center, and more along the walls.  Everything mentioned on the web page for
> exhibits that I saw was there, and most were hands on.  Spent some time
> talking to a guy who sells reproduction Apple 1 and SCELBI machines.  There
> was a display of a Tic-Tac-Toe "computer" from 1961, a few electronic
> analog computers, and even a small display of slide rules.  The obligatory
> Altair and IMSAI's were to be found, a Mark 8, a KIM-1, and several
> industrial style computers (one that I have in my collection, an AIM-65,
> but in MUCH better shape).  Some S-100 bus machines, lot's of MSX machines,
> some Commodores and Ataris.  There were many I don't have in my collection,
> and none of some of that I do have (Coleco Adam, Mattel Aquarious, Amstrad,
> etc. but really, who cares about those).
> Looking through the museum and the exhibits took about 2 hours.  There was
> a second area partitioned off from the old store that was used for
> presentations.  When we finished looking at stuff, we sat down for a
> session from the RetroMacCast podcast (available here:
> http://retromaccast.libsyn.com/episode-284-retro-mac-cast-live-from-vcf-se-1-0).  There were several more presentations scheduled for the rest of the
> day, but none for some time and we were ready for lunch.  Neither of us
> really were up to waiting around for them, or looking at stuff we'd seen
> already, and neither of us are social butterfly types, so we left for lunch
> and then didn't come back.
> Not their fault.  For me, I couldn't justify the whole day there, much
> less two days.  I'm sure others could have spent a week.  If they have
> another next year, I'll probably go back, though.
> Jeff.
> P.S. Not part of VCFse, but on the way back, we stopped at the Tellus
> museum ( http://tellusmuseum.org/ ) outside Cartersville, GA.  If you
> haven't been, take the hour drive and bring the kids if you have them.
> Very highly recommended.
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