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> well, how was it?   :)
It was less than hoped for, but still as advertised.  I went down with a
friend of mine who is more into the vintage computing thing than myself (he
buys old broken PETs, CoCos, etc, for cheap from eBay, rebuilds them, and
sometimes sells them off at a profit - once they are working again he kind
of loses interest, and he's active on several of the vintage web forums,
but not this list, since he's a Microsoft kind of guy).

The event was held in an old CompUSA building in a strip mall.  The front
part of the office area was used for an Apple Pop-Up Museum (
http://applepopupmuseum.com/ ), and admission to this was part of the
admission to the VCF.  This was about eight or so rooms with different
phases of Apple, from pre-Apple bios of Jobs, Woz, and Wayne (who left soon
after founding), to an homage to the garage where Apple 1's were built in
Los Altos, on through various incarnations of Apple products, with examples
of just about everything, including a room dedicated to Next and one to
iPods.  Many machines were functioning (although behind glass so hands
off).  There was a Xerox Alto on display as well, and some of the Apple II
clones (Pineapple, Franklin, etc.).  The Apple 1 was the highlight for me,
but the shelves full of MacBooks was somewhat interesting too.

Passing out of the Apple museum, we went into a large room where all of the
VCFse proper exhibits were held.  There was a circle of tables in the
center, and more along the walls.  Everything mentioned on the web page for
exhibits that I saw was there, and most were hands on.  Spent some time
talking to a guy who sells reproduction Apple 1 and SCELBI machines.  There
was a display of a Tic-Tac-Toe "computer" from 1961, a few electronic
analog computers, and even a small display of slide rules.  The obligatory
Altair and IMSAI's were to be found, a Mark 8, a KIM-1, and several
industrial style computers (one that I have in my collection, an AIM-65,
but in MUCH better shape).  Some S-100 bus machines, lot's of MSX machines,
some Commodores and Ataris.  There were many I don't have in my collection,
and none of some of that I do have (Coleco Adam, Mattel Aquarious, Amstrad,
etc. but really, who cares about those).

Looking through the museum and the exhibits took about 2 hours.  There was
a second area partitioned off from the old store that was used for
presentations.  When we finished looking at stuff, we sat down for a
session from the RetroMacCast podcast (available here:
 There were several more presentations scheduled for the rest of the
day, but none for some time and we were ready for lunch.  Neither of us
really were up to waiting around for them, or looking at stuff we'd seen
already, and neither of us are social butterfly types, so we left for lunch
and then didn't come back.

Not their fault.  For me, I couldn't justify the whole day there, much less
two days.  I'm sure others could have spent a week.  If they have another
next year, I'll probably go back, though.


P.S. Not part of VCFse, but on the way back, we stopped at the Tellus
museum ( http://tellusmuseum.org/ ) outside Cartersville, GA.  If you
haven't been, take the hour drive and bring the kids if you have them.
Very highly recommended.
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