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I was under the impression that oVirt didn't need Apache, and that the virtualization install of CentOS doesn't include it. I probably just need to install Apache after all. I did try service httpd start and got a "no such service" error 


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Run a apachectl -t which checks the apache config file for errors. 

It looks like this command: /sbin/chkconfig httpd on is the first one to fail. It says it is getting nothing from the standard error or output, but you might want to try running it manually and see what you get. 

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All (but mainly Lynn), 

So, I've installed CentOS 6 using a visualization install. I installed the packages and dependencies for oVirt. However, when I run setup-engine and go through the prompts, it fails to complete with an error about the HTTP service not being able to start. 

There error is: 

Configuring oVirt Engine... [ DONE ] 
Configuring JVM... [ DONE ] 
Creating CA... [ DONE ] 
Updating ovirt-engine service... [ DONE ] 
Setting Database Configuration... [ DONE ] 
Setting Database Security... [ DONE ] 
Creating Database... [ DONE ] 
Updating the Default Data Center Storage Type... [ DONE ] 
Editing oVirt Engine Configuration... [ DONE ] 
Editing Postgresql Configuration... [ DONE ] 
Configuring the Default ISO Domain... [ DONE ] 
Configuring Firewall... [ DONE ] 
Starting ovirt-engine Service... [ DONE ] 
Configuring HTTPD... [ ERROR ] 
Error: Can't start the httpd service 
Please check log file /var/log/ovirt-engine/engine-setup_2013_04_19_02_21_58.log for more information 

Here's the log: 


Any help would be appreciated! 


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