[Chugalug] Can't get oVirt going

Jonathan Calloway jonathancalloway at gmail.com
Fri Apr 19 11:45:42 UTC 2013

All (but mainly Lynn),

So, I've installed CentOS 6 using a visualization install.  I installed 
the packages and dependencies for oVirt.  However, when I run 
setup-engine and go through the prompts, it fails to complete with an 
error about the HTTP service not being able to start.

There error is:

Configuring oVirt Engine...                             [ DONE ]
Configuring JVM...                                      [ DONE ]
Creating CA...                                          [ DONE ]
Updating ovirt-engine service...                        [ DONE ]
Setting Database Configuration...                       [ DONE ]
Setting Database Security...                            [ DONE ]
Creating Database...                                    [ DONE ]
Updating the Default Data Center Storage Type...        [ DONE ]
Editing oVirt Engine Configuration...                   [ DONE ]
Editing Postgresql Configuration...                     [ DONE ]
Configuring the Default ISO Domain...                   [ DONE ]
Configuring Firewall...                                 [ DONE ]
Starting ovirt-engine Service...                        [ DONE ]
Configuring HTTPD...                                 [ ERROR ]
Error: Can't start the httpd service
Please check log file 
/var/log/ovirt-engine/engine-setup_2013_04_19_02_21_58.log for more 

Here's the log:


Any help would be appreciated!


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