[Chugalug] OT: Favorite Enterprise Firewalls?

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amen...  and that philosophy also works with automobiles ;-)

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    I have to plug pfSense. ("Enterprise"
      is a bullshit buzzword to me).


      I have never understood the 24/7 parts replacement / repair
      requirement that IT departments insist on. It is MUCH easier to
      just have hot redundant hardware than to continually pay for that
      kind of support.


      No matter how good your support contract, hardware WILL fail,
      expect it and make failover seamless. It saves me a lot of
      headache. 4 Hours is way more downtime than I am comfortable with.
      4 minutes is way too long for me.  4 seconds I can deal with.


      For those people that want it, pfSense also provides the 24/7
      support at a reasonable price. I have not used it personally.





      On 04/17/2013 09:36 AM, Bret McHone wrote:

            We're migrating to a new internet pipe so we'll be
              making a log of changes. I see this as a great opportunity
              to re-architect our firewall deployment and was wondering
              what everyone's favorite enterprise grade firewall vendor


            When I say enterprise I mean the ability to have 24/7 4 hour
            parts/maintenance and high level phone support. I personally
            prefer companies with call centers based in the U.S. and not
            Inida, but I know that's not always an option to get the
            vendor I want.


          We've been using a couple Cisco ASAs which are pretty old so I
          figure we'll end up replacing them with either a newer model
          of the same thing or perhaps go another route.


        I've heard good things about Sonicwall and Palo Alto firewalls,
        though I haven't had much experience with them..


        What's your opinions?






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