[Chugalug] A (final) comment on the Bitcoin .. fraud

Mike Robinson miker at sundialservices.com
Mon Apr 15 14:31:41 UTC 2013

Let me point you to this Amazon link:


"Extraordinary Popular Delusions" and "The Madness of Crowds" were two short books published by Charles Mackay, LL.D., (1812-1889).  They are still in-print, and for extremely good reasons.  Mackay discussed well-known examples including Tulipmania, The South Sea Bubble, and many more.  His is considered to be one of the seminal books on the subject of Crowd Psychology.

One of the most interesting articles on Wikipedia, particularly for its "References" and "See Also" sections:


This whole thing is DRIPPING with crowd-psychology elements.  And, I would say, with a great deal of sophisticated understanding, both of psychology and of the criminal mind.  The seeds were carelessly planted a couple of years ago, but very consciously so and in extremely fertile soil.  Lately, I cannot help but notice that a public relations campaign has now been started – selling a fabulously expensive car, and particularly, crowing about supposed anonymity and the ability to make illegal purchases.  I begin to suspect the presence of a honeypot, perhaps a wonderfully elaborate sting.  But, no matter what I suspect ... I know to suspect.  And, I would counsel those who wish to listen to do the same.

I won't say any more about this.
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