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When I used VMware ESXi 3.5 when I was living in Nashville, I really
enjoyed it, using the VMware Infrastructure Client software was pretty
nice, but Windows only from what I remember.

The same client is used for the regular ESX server, and the features you
have access to depends on the license you have. When you installed ESXi
initially and first connect to the server with the management software, you
get a trial of the full ESX software feature set until you enter a license
key, which locks in your license version permanently. After you enter the
license key you get from VMware for free when you download the ESXi ISO, it
enables the free ESXi feature set permanently. If you also connect to a
licensed ESX server, you can access the full ESX features of that box on
that host.

The client software doesn't cost anything, and a lot of people mistake the
"trial period" they see for being a trial on the management software, not
the hypervisor itself.

Overall, for general management of VMs in a small office environment, I
liked ESXi, but I also jerry-rigged VirtualBox and phpVirtualBox to learn
how to use it.

On Fri, Apr 12, 2013 at 9:21 AM, Dave Brockman <dave at brockmans.com> wrote:

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> On 4/12/2013 8:36 AM, JonathanCalloway wrote:
> > All,
> >
> > I'm toying with the idea of buying a heavy duty PC or server as
> > cheaply as possible, and using a hypervisor to run about 2-3 VM's
> > on it.  I've looked at ESXi, but can't really find a management
> > tool that doesn't cost money.  Of course, KVM or any other *nix
> > based solutions are viable here.  However, I want something that's
> > easy to set up, and flexible, so I can constantly remove images and
> > add new ones whenever I want to play with a new OS.
> ESXi is meant to run headless on a server, you will not sit in front
> of an ESXi console and interact with your guests.  (You can do a lot
> of VM management from the ESX CLI, but accessing a Guest console isn't
> one of them)  vi-client is Windows only but is a free download from
> any installed ESXi host (technically it links directly to VMware's
> servers, but accessing any ESXi host in a web browser will link you to
> management utilities).
> Regards,
> dtb
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