[Chugalug] calling a chugalug!

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Sat Apr 6 14:57:21 UTC 2013

just a reminder of the chugalug called. The stack I was working on are about 8 or 9 dual core p4 2.8ghz  1 gig ram an about 80 gig hard drives. Well above kiosk level. 
And he has 4 or 5 need memory and HD's tho he has a stack of HD's Just no mem to throw in these E series gateways.
I'm thinking of tying them to a bridge. Put Scratch and Alice on for the kids. Most of the ones already running have Ubuntu 12.04 on them. I'll take care of the on XP machine monday. And it is a grudge match.
 anyone have a good switch with wi-fi?

----- Nate Hill <nathanielhill at gmail.com> wrote:
> You know what, I've been getting enough email about people wanting to
> either teach a class or make a kiosk system that I'm going to take the
> plunge and call a meeting!
> On Thursday April 11: 6:00 PM on The 4th Floor, c'mon over and lets solve
> some problems.
> N
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> Nate Hill
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