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Wed Apr 3 03:56:40 UTC 2013

I'm a programmer, although a rusty one. I'll show up starting Friday  
night and do whatever I can.

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> Is anyone going to the 48-Hour Launch this weekend at Company Lab? Their
> website got hacked, so they're directing everyone to their Facebook page &
> Eventbrite page right now: https://www.facebook.com/thecompanylab
> (I've already reached out to them about cleaning up their website, as the
> URL was still pointed to the compromised site, which was just a blank page
> saying "Hacked by" someone, but they're working on cleaning it up and
> that's not the point of this email).
> They're always looking for programmers and web developers to help out with
> the various projects. I have a friend heading up a project which I've
> agreed to help out with, and she's looking for a number of more back-end
> programmers.
> Her project is going to have some interesting requirements and will be
> dealing with the aggregation of a (potentially) massive amount of data from
> various social media & other related sources.
> If you're good with databases, aggregating data, and turning lots of data
> into useful data (data analysis), I think our team could use you! I've
> already been working a little bit behind the scenes to conceptually think
> about the database structure necessary for this project. I'm not much of a
> programmer, but I do have a little database / programming experience.
> At any rate, there's also a number of other projects you could get involved
> with. There's a lot of people looking for web developers and and
> programmers, so your talent probably wouldn't go to waste if you decided to
> come for part or the whole weekend.
> Drop by for a few hours on Saturday or stay for the whole time (starting
> Friday night). Great opportunity to network and meet people.
> - David
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R. D. Flowers, Chattanooga, TN, USA

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