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David White dwrudy at gmail.com
Wed Apr 3 02:37:51 UTC 2013

Is anyone going to the 48-Hour Launch this weekend at Company Lab? Their
website got hacked, so they're directing everyone to their Facebook page &
Eventbrite page right now: https://www.facebook.com/thecompanylab

(I've already reached out to them about cleaning up their website, as the
URL was still pointed to the compromised site, which was just a blank page
saying "Hacked by" someone, but they're working on cleaning it up and
that's not the point of this email).

They're always looking for programmers and web developers to help out with
the various projects. I have a friend heading up a project which I've
agreed to help out with, and she's looking for a number of more back-end

Her project is going to have some interesting requirements and will be
dealing with the aggregation of a (potentially) massive amount of data from
various social media & other related sources.

If you're good with databases, aggregating data, and turning lots of data
into useful data (data analysis), I think our team could use you! I've
already been working a little bit behind the scenes to conceptually think
about the database structure necessary for this project. I'm not much of a
programmer, but I do have a little database / programming experience.

At any rate, there's also a number of other projects you could get involved
with. There's a lot of people looking for web developers and and
programmers, so your talent probably wouldn't go to waste if you decided to
come for part or the whole weekend.

Drop by for a few hours on Saturday or stay for the whole time (starting
Friday night). Great opportunity to network and meet people.

- David

David White
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