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Some great news from the 4th Floor that might be of interest to



*We are now partnering with Engage 3D <http://engage3d.org/> to offer an
introductory Python class. Python is a computer programming language
heralded for both its accessibility to novices and its power and


Our goal is to offer a course that introduces the power of computing, both
its capabilities and its limitations, so that you feel comfortable reading
and writing code. If you have ever wondered how computer programs are
written or have some projects that you think computer programming could
help with, come join in and learn with us!

An eight-week session beginning April 15 is enrolling now.

Your instructors will be from Engage 3D, the folks at Maker Day who brought
in all the cool fun educational activities like the 3D scanning station and
their 3D video conferencing project. If you spent any time in the
Tinkercadlab, the computer dissection table, or at the origami
station, you probably
met someone from Engage 3D.

This free class will be great but space is limited so please register
through the Chattanooga Public Library’s online


What: Community Py -- Introduction to the Python programming language

Where: 4th Floor of the Chattanooga Public Library

When: Mondays from 6pm-7pm beginning April 15 through June 3

Cost: Free

*Registration*: This class is limited to 24 people and pre-registration is
*Details:  You are welcome to bring your own laptop but there are also
workstations available.

Nate Hill
nathanielhill at gmail.com
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