[Chugalug] Linux volunteer opportunity at the library

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Mon Apr 1 16:50:14 UTC 2013

1. What do want do with the machines?
2. What are their specs?

Kiosk mode is relatively easy. All you need is a distro of linux booting into something like openbox and autorunning the browser of your choice. Opera has a well developed kiosk option.
Chrome could be hacked to do so as well.


Rod (Elise's Husband)

----- Nate Hill <nathanielhill at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi all,
> As part of our 3D printing service we are offering at the library, with
> thanks to some help from James and Bill of Engage 3D, we now have 4
> formerly retired and discarded computers running Ubuntu.  The plan is to
> have those running as Tinkercad stations, but Tinkercad is going away
> (lame) so we'll use something else.  Obviously we can do a lot more than
> just this with these machines.
> I know there are some Linux based kiosk systems out there; setups that
> allow people to schedule reservations of computers.  We don't yet have the
> demand that we need something like this, but I'm hoping as we expand hours
> and services on The 4th Floor this will really grow into a public computer
> lab running all open source goodies.
> I've got a machine that could be tasked as the 'computer signup station'.
>  Does anyone on this list want to give this project a shot?  We'd love to
> have you.
> Nate
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> Nate Hill
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> http://www.natehill.net

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