[Chugalug] Linux volunteer opportunity at the library

Nate Hill nathanielhill at gmail.com
Mon Apr 1 15:58:29 UTC 2013

Hi all,

As part of our 3D printing service we are offering at the library, with
thanks to some help from James and Bill of Engage 3D, we now have 4
formerly retired and discarded computers running Ubuntu.  The plan is to
have those running as Tinkercad stations, but Tinkercad is going away
(lame) so we'll use something else.  Obviously we can do a lot more than
just this with these machines.

I know there are some Linux based kiosk systems out there; setups that
allow people to schedule reservations of computers.  We don't yet have the
demand that we need something like this, but I'm hoping as we expand hours
and services on The 4th Floor this will really grow into a public computer
lab running all open source goodies.

I've got a machine that could be tasked as the 'computer signup station'.
 Does anyone on this list want to give this project a shot?  We'd love to
have you.


Nate Hill
nathanielhill at gmail.com
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