[Chugalug] $65 ZEEPAD 7" android 4.0 tablet is freakin great!

Matt Keys mk6032 at yahoo.com
Sun Sep 30 03:29:34 UTC 2012

+1 for softphones.

I've got the old grandstream gxv3000 and have yet to have the need to use
videoconferenceing with anybody. It's supposed to show you weather, news,
etc. on the lcd too but I can't get it to work worth a damn. I like the
photo stream screensavers and the security camera option though. I wouldn't
recommend it overall for the money; Grandstream isn't known for following
the standards closely. MoH still doesn't work in sipx with Grandstream

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> My interest is in designing a desk-dock with a telephone handset and 
> USB connectors in back for a rj45 dongle etc... I think it could make a
kick ass 7" color screen SIP phone with video conferencing ability and
portability. Call it a desktop communicator....

I put 3CXPhone (a sip phone) on my tablet, and I'm blown away by the sound
quality compared to the expensive SNOM phones in the office. Works better in
every way.. when I have a headset on. It's good at Skype and other things,
but it's nice phone.

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