[Chugalug] $65 ZEEPAD 7" android 4.0 tablet is freakin great!

Mike Harrison cluon at geeklabs.com
Fri Sep 28 22:33:57 UTC 2012

> My interest is in designing a desk-dock with a telephone handset and USB connectors in back for a rj45 dongle etc... I think it could make a kick
> ass 7" color screen SIP phone with video conferencing ability and portability. Call it a desktop communicator....

I put 3CXPhone (a sip phone) on my tablet, and I'm blown away by the sound 
quality compared to the expensive SNOM phones in the office. Works better in every 
way.. when I have a headset on. It's good at Skype and other things, but 
it's nice phone.

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